Visit Sighisoara

This tour was created by our partner: Outdoor Holidays.

You will start the tour from our place and you will drive with your guide towards Sighișoara, birth place of Vlad Dracula and the only medieval citadel from Europe still inhabited.

On the way, you’ll stop for a few minutes to take pictures to Rupea Citadel (entrance fee is not included), built on top of a basalt hill.

You will continue to Sighișoara, the first highlight of the day. The tour in Sighișoara starts with the visit of the Clock Tower-the symbol of the town. You hike up in the tower for an amazing view of the town. You will visit the monastery church and go up the covered stairs to the church on the hill. After walking near the walls and the towers of the citadel you will stop to have lunch.


Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash

After lunch, you will drive 30 minutes to reach a gypsy community. The gypsy population initially came from Asia more than 600 years ago and in Romania there are about 40 groups of gypsies. You will visit one of the groups, the coppersmiths (Căldărari in Romanian language). They live from producing and selling copper objects like: kettles, cauldrons (like the one from Harry Potter 🙂 ), alembic for distillation of țuica (traditional Romanian brandy), plates. They also produce and sell gypsy traditional skirts and blouses. They will show you how they work in copper and tell us stories about their live. You can also try out their clothes to get a glimpse how you’d feel as a gypsy :).They will be happy to sell you a small product (a kettle, a plate or a cauldron). Tip: This type of cauldron is perfect to make mămăligă (polenta) at your home when you’ll miss your trip in Romania 🙂

After this experience, on your way to Brasov you will visit the Biertan fortified church, one of the most imposing and solidly fortified peasant fortress from Transylvania (UNESCO Site). Optional and at no extra cost, you can stop to Pivnita Bunicii (Grandma’s Pantry), where you can buy jam, marmalade, or traditional drinks.

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